Electronic and Mechanical Assembly

Quality and excellence as standard

Starjammer Systems possess a highly experienced rapid prototyping facility for physical, electrical, and mechanical systems. If a particular capability or facility is lacking, we have good, well established relationships with a large network of vendors and subcontractors to cover the shortfall. Our electrical prototyping capability predominantly includes: Board prototyping, population, assembly and conformal coating for single and multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Integration and assembly of PCBs, microprocessors, imaging sensors, micro-displays, motors, battery and amplifier circuits, etc. Component, functional and systems testing. Board tracing and flex circuit design and prototype production. Lathe, Mill and CNC Machining, sheet metal forming, assembly, painting, etc. Mechanical and environmental testing.

For more complex CNC machining, anodizing and other surface preparations and coatings, injection moulding, SLA and SLS rapid prototyping, we use a select and approved number of subcontractors. We design all types of electronic circuits and prototypes according to your custom specifications, at an affordable cost and maintaining the highest possible quality. Please contact us for a quote.